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"management by walking around" sometimes stops interteam communications. Everybody looks at the manager as a postman carrying information chunks between team members.

Marc Orchant

Jeffrey: Excellent post. At my company, we drafted a "Contract for Communication" during a Listen Up! training session we sent the entire company to. Everyone in the company had input as this contract was refined and everyone has signed it. It deals extensively with meetings (as well as other forms of communications) and follows many of the principles you've outlined here.

One element you should consider adding to your list is a timekeeper for every meeting. Having an agenda is all well and good but pairing that with someone charged with making sure that the timeline expressed in the agenda ids adhered to is a critical compnent in making meetings more effective.


Great post! I second Marc's call for a timekeeper, though I rarely do it myself. The times I have, though, I've been grateful for it.

I really appreciate a little book called "Making Meetings Work" by John Tropman. I received it as part of an MBA curriculum years ago, and I still keep it around. It's worth a look...

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