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Cathy Lewis

I agree entirely. It's a relief to know that I'm not alone in suffering from this syndrome, especially after a week of being less productive than I expect of myself. I think developing a plan to help one's self deal with such times makes a great deal of sense, and would eliminate some of the associated frustration. Thanks for posting this!


Unfortunately I'm the opposite of you.

If I have fewer tasks, I am very efficient.

If I have many tasks, and if those tasks are hard, then I panic, get stuck, get stressed, etc.

Amanda Himelein

I find it goes in kind of a bell-curve. If I have 1 or 2 tasks on my to-do list, I go into I-have-plenty-of-time-why-rush mode. If I have 4 or 5 tasks on my to-do list, I feel that I can accomplish this if I just dig in and work. But if I get 9 or 10 tasks on my to-do list, I get overwhelmed and give up any prospect of doing anything.

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