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Eric Mack

Outstanding summary! I'll be sure to share this link. Thanks.

Productivity Blog

I've been around a lot of "leaders" who don't have time to deal with any management issues. Generally I haven't found any of them to be actually good leaders. They may have had visions of where they wanted to go, but with out at least a little bit of management talent they weren't able to lead effectively. Ideas are easy to come up with, execution is what sets people apart. I'm not saying that leaders have to be the best managers, but I think it is a myth to say that leaders don't need to know how to manage. If they have no management skills, they are unlikely to have any true leadership capabilities.


i have to say that you got some good points there but for a student like my self one of the most difficult things i have came across so far is that u all dont mention the similarities of managers and leaders... I have been in need of these similarities for a while, but most of you all(writers) have failed to mention it. i would be most thankful if u all can help me with these similarities...
Thank you


There are several books out there will help you with these "similarities". However, I'd recommend two, one by Gary Yukl: Leadership in Organization- and the other by Max De Pree: Leadrship is an Art. Enjoy your reading.

a quick and convincing way to describe the importance of managers who are very critisised by their employees. But in my country, most managers are not that effective, and first of all, managers must ensure that his/her relationship with the employees are very good, for the success of the organisation. But most of the time, this is not the case. I dont know in your country, but in my country many workers dislike their managers. The article is very good. But in reality this not the same thing. But the article helped me. thank you !

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