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Eric Sohn

All good stuff, but if you don't manage the people in the loop effectively, the rest is for naught. People can make or break you. People don't have to shirk their duties to foul things up. They can choose not put in extra effort and care. They can choose to keep a narrow focus on their duties and responsibilities. They can choose to not be fully engaged and committed. It's not malicious, per se, but it is pernicious. Depending on your corporate culture, the level of employee involvement may depend on your people management and persuasion skills more so than your technical and procedural wizardry.


Thanks for this article. All good stuff.

What are your thoughts on the typical software reqirements practice of asking for everything up front and then scaling back to what's affordable or fits within the deadline.

My thinking is that in most cases this messes with your expectation managment process right up front.

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