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Whilst agree with your improvement or door reasoning I disagree about your mid section(s)

If you break the field into four:

Your A's : The top performers
Your B's : Trying hard but not top of the pack
Your C's : Clock punchers
Your D's : Problems

Yes reward your A's but remember they're gonna move on up and leave some time. Your B's you need to encourage and turn them into A's.

Some of your C's will want to move up but some probably most will have other life commitments and see work simply as a way to service those other pastimes or responsibilities.

There's no point pushing them unlkess they want to and actually you need some people who are just going to come in and do their job. Nothing more and nothing less. There will always be jobs for this sort of person to do, they're the ones who you delegate to and use as a tool.

But D's I'm definately with you, buck your ideas up or work somewhere where they don't mind.

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i like this part of the post:"Moving these people into the right roles where they can contribute will make a huge difference in their attitudes and in their output." is very good

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