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Years ago, I participated in a start-up company that tried to invent desktop publishing.

While they were trying to come up with a viable product (which they never did), I was directed to run a small typesetting department to generate some income. (My wife and I had operated a small phototypesetting company.)

The would-be hotshot executives who started the company suggested I have the production employees compete with each other as motivational technique. The idea was so irrelevant and inappropriate as to be meaningless. For one thing, each job was unique, so there was no basis for competition. Secondly, on big projects work had to be divided up and required cooperation and trust, not artificial competition. It was prime example of people operating out of an ideological fixation rather than practical sense. Although this example doesn't represent the core reason the company failed spectacularly in a year's time, it was symptomatic of a seriously flawed mindset.

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(My wife and I had operated a small phototypesetting company.)

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