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Isaac Garcia

I'm glad to see someone reading and drawing attention to my Lens on Team Collaboration. I'm honored that it spurred you to write and dialogue on the topic of Teams.

While I realize that you weren't being contentious with me, I wanted to point you to a few other things that I'd written that are more in line with your article.

In spite of my strong belief that Teams are the driving force in any organization, I must admit that a Team is only as strong as its weakest link.

I wrote about the individual contributors as "self producers" in a posting on my personal blog about Paul Graham's essay about "What Business Can Learn from Open Source."

Additionally, I'd also point you to a post about Ken Thompson's article that states three points that are key to a team's productivity success:

"Personal Motivations are crystal clear for every team member. All work is voluntary and the leader cannot give orders. Each project passionately nurtures its network of supporters."

Keep writing, I love your blog.

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