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David T.

Interesting post. I definitely get more done when I work from home. Less hassles and less people knocking on my door with their issues.

Considering how everybody is out to ban cars on our streets and in city centers because of pollution, I am afraid that working virtually will become more and more important to companies that want to market how green they are. Having smaller offices might also be an attraction.

I am sure that this is something we will need to get used to.

jessica lipnack

Thoughtful post, Jeffrey. I posted recently on "The virtual 48 hours," recounting how I failed to think about when a 48-hour work request cycle begins: when email is sent? When I open it? Do weekends count?

And on the subject of environmental impact of face-to-face meetings, David T, a bunch of us are trying to figure out "a checklist for green teams." Chime in, both of you, please.

Linking to you, Jeffrey.

Craig Klein

With my clients and with our own staff, I've found that most people are not very good at self managing.

The office environment has the effect of forcing you to stay focused to some extent. At a minimum, you have to be there, in your seat, during certain hours.

When you go virtual, its very important to provide methods for the employee to have just enough structure to keep them on task.

Daily status reports or calls, logging activity into a project database, CRM, etc.

The good news is that successful virtual workers become accountable for their production, not their attendance.

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