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Robyn Mierzwa

Agreed--I would recommend this book as well--despite the dense, repetitive parts, and the somewhat one-dimensional treatment of "knowledge work". Having worked creatively and productively in that world for 20+ yrs, I now run a woodworking studio ( classes and making furniture. I can relate to much of what Crawford writes about his moto shop, but for me the best part of doing "hands-on" work like this is being able to share it with the many many people who seem to so desparately need/want to make things for themselves.

Doug Wilson

When I saw the cover photo, the title and the introduction I though that this book was a sure thing. It's too bad I wasted $32 of my hard earned money on it. I thought that it would lend perspective into what I see as a movement away from craftsmanship and pride in workmanship in the trades and society in general. Even though it may truly do so I will never know since I gave up after the second chapter. Why is it that some writers are so pompous that they need to use as large a vocabulary as possible to try to impress upon the rest of us how smart they truly are. I guess it must be some sort of attempt at justification of the ridiculous price tag. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I just fell off the turnip truck or something. I have a three year college degree and have worked for many years and in various positions for an engineering firm. As a matter of fact I currently teach mechanical and electrical engineering and control technology to Engineers and Technologists along with mechanics, electricians and pipe-fitters. The whole gambit. You would think that someone like me would be a prime demographic audience for this book however mine now sits under the kickstand of my classic BMW motorcycle to hold it at a better angle when I work on it. At least it has come to some use. I wonder if the author really even owns a Beemer?
Perhaps I'm the only one that feels this way or perhaps I'm the only one who is willing to open his mouth and run the risk of criticism by the other pompous a-hole writers who also feel themselves to be so important.
Bottom line...don't bother. It's too painful!

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Shop display

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Ben Cliff


For a long time I've pondered the classic "work" environment. Increasingly the US workforce is made up of people who don't actually produce anything - they work on the margins of a product or solution, or analyze information or create new knowledge. Few people see any new product or service from conceptualization to delivery into a customer's hands.

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