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Matt Simmons

The growth of flame retardant material in clothing, furniture, housing materials, and stricter wiring has not yet shut down fire stations. Now will it, so long as there are things that can burn.

I agree in your sentiment that we should spend resources on prevention, and that it should take the lion's share of our least until there is a fire. When that happens, all of the pre-planning that went into preventing it doesn't matter. What matters is that the fire gets put out so recovery can occur.

There's always going to be a chink in our armor, even if it's just the laws of physics and statistics.


Dr Covey talks about this all the time with his second quadrant activities.
The nicest example I heard him say was about a fire brigade.
I think it was the Chicago fire brigade (could be a different one) spends 80% of their time on fire prevention instead of fighting fire.
so if people who's actual job is to fire fight can do this, so can we.

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