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Absolutely! Much of the data that I receive is entitled "End-of-Grade 04-05" and "CRT's 1Q" with no regard to context (Yes, I'm in education administration). Routinely, when I save the file in my computer, I rename the file with relevant contextual key words. The name looks extremely strange "eog 04-05 disaggregated draft confidential..." I standardize the naming structure as much as possible but it still allows me to add context information in addition to the standard keywords. A quick keyword search yields my document and the name provides the contextual information that I need without re-analyzing it. The problem, as you state, is that this is not the case system-wide, therefore, the only one who benefits from this is me.


Funny you should mention this. My company has been discussing building a product for internal use for months now. However we are not looking to store documents, but code we use in our applications.

We use repositories and document at every stage of development, but we still need a way to store meta-data about our code (whether it be a module, snippet, application) that could be used over. When someone doesn't know how to implement something in PHP but our company has already implemented the functionality in C++, the PHP developer could find the code in C++ and review how to implement the functionality.

Too much time is wasted in researching or recreating information that has already been implemented.

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