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Great post! I work for Toyota, so I loved the maunfacturing reference.


I've tried to use a version of the tactic personally for years. When there was a meeting that I was invited to attend, I always asked the facilitator what I had to contribute. If I had a limited role in the meeting I would ask that I be moved up in the agenda and then left after my contribution.


I work in an organization - a government agency none-the-less - which has been holding just-in-time meetings for years, with great success. So, it's not a new idea, but it is a great one.


We do this at some of the meetings at my workplace. Sometimes it's planned proactively , and if you ever ask to appear only for your relevant parts, everyone will work with you.

It's not quite the JIT tight-agenda meeting you describe (which I envision to run like a Swiss watch) but it is sure helpful.

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Like I said, my experience comes a time when labor costs are the highest cost item in most companies.

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