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Normally I am 100% with you. But leaving a meeting early is fine if you only fly at 30,000 feet. "Just give me the facts and I need to move on" type of management.
That sort of quick in/out kills creativity though.
Meetings really need an agenda and someone there needs to be the bad person to keep things moving, otherwise small talk will kill your company and the budget for the project at hand. But, if a person is in late - only there for a bit of the meeting then a lot of time is spent getting them up to speed on what they missed or their ideas are not in the thought process when they leave early. Quick memo emails have been the cause of a lot of companies loosing their edge as their employees loose the need to come up with a solution that might be out of the box but ahead of the competition.



I think there are meetings where you would not want people shuffling in and out based on an agenda. For example, I would not run a staff meeting that way.

However, there are status meetings that, in my opinion, are better run with a fixed agenda and only the people absolutely necessary present. We have such a meeting every Thursday after lunch. It involved reviewing monthly data on specific accounts. We have set up an agenda which allows us to shffle people in and out as needed.

So instead of someone losing an hour+ of productivity sitting in a 90 minute meeting in which they are only needed for 10 minutes. They can be more effective by spending only ten minutes in the meeting.

In my line of work, I have never accomplished a whole lot in terms of true productivity sitting in a conference room.


Hi, I just have an enquiry as to how to create an agenda and do you provide a sample of one as I don't know what the layout of one is and what is to be included in one for e.g. date, time of next meeting, topic to discuss etc

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Once the meeting has been altered, whether the meeting has control of the person who interrupted the meeting.

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