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Michael Langford

After spending and hour and a half after checking out, waiting for IKEA to find all the parts to my bathroom cabinet, I agree with you completely. Or spending an hour on the phone with Comcast getting them to activate my internet account (I'm a Computer Science Researcher, the problem WAS on their end).

I bank with Wachovia (which is mostly a southern bank from what I understand), and they were VERY helpful when obtaining loans, the loan officer calling my car dealer and setting up everything. The loan officer went so far as taking to task the underwriter (who contended I needed to pay a higher rate than I really did). They automatically post the loan in my online banking area, so I can pay it with the same online billpay I use for everything else (and they sent an old fashioned coupon book if I want to go that route too). It's also visible in their Yodlee interface (Yodlee is the provider most banks use to pull together account information from everything from you cable bills to your investment accounts).

Perhaps I just got a really good loan officer (Her name is Melanie Scirocco (704) 427-2055), but the bank is the one place I still feel I get really good customer service.

Reservations call center

Good customer service is essential for any business to survive in this competitive market and your relationship with your customers will make or break your business.. Retaining the customer depends upon not only giving quality product it depends upon the attitude of the company towards customers.

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