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Sacha Chua

Amen! Couple that with advice to focus on getting just three things done each day (significant things, but still, just three), and maybe we'll find a way to recover work-life balance...

Swaroop C H

I've been thinking a lot about the same. What I usually do is as much as possible to have one main task and few other smaller tasks that I have to do in each day. If there's bigger things also on the TODO list, it'll have to be the next day.

Productivity Blog

One of the ways that computers have hurt productivity is by introducing us to the idea of "multi-tasking" as a positive way of working. It is great for computers to multi-task, but thta isn't really an efficient way for humans to get anything done. In fact before we had computers it wasn't called multi-tasking. It was called "running around like a chicken with it's head chopped off".

Luis Dimen

This statement can be further simplified and analogus when playing tennis. Imagine yourself on the courts - executing your serve and not focusing on the ball. Naturally, no points can be gained from your opponent if you do not focus on the ball. SO DO THINGS ONE AT A TIME FOR BETTER PRODUCTIVITY

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many people like to travel at very high speeds without awareness of the harm they may cause.

lrmarroquin focused and do not loose the ball, with so many balls on the field what is it the game?

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