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Mark Shead

When a company already has all of their data in digital format, document management systems can be a very expensive way to do something very simple. I think a lot of the value of document management systems comes when they are used to give you a simple way to access all of your documents both those that were created on paper and those that have always been digital.

Part of the problem in many medium to large businesses is the fact that they produce many pieces of documentation that are never going to be used. I think companies would be better off concentrating on creating automated "dashboard" reports from their data than having people create reams of manual reports all the time.

Joshua K

I've started scanning every paper that I think I might need to refer to in the future. I then burn it onto DVD-RW. As I get a ton of paperwork, and have to manage it for my wife as well, naming of coure became an issue. I use the following format:
Sender [or purpose] - INITIALS [if person specific] - Date - any further keywords.

For example:

Oil Change - 2005-10-06 - Valvoline

If it's something like a credit report, it's :

Experian - JOK - 2005-10-06 - The Associates Removed

This way I can search based on initials, date, who it's from, or what it's related to [associates, remove, etc]

Yes, it makes the document names large, but as far as finding it and identifying the contents, there's no questions. My wife who uses the documents less frequently, can easily search for our dog's name and print out a copy of the most recent shot records before we take it to the vet.

Karl Vogel

I've tried many different ways to organize my files, and here are some of the things that have worked:

Orhan Yorukoglu

If you are looking for a enterprise class document management software that is very reasonably priced, check this out.

Rafael Moscatel

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