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Gary Slinger

That's a little extreme on both of those time blocks - either one or the other, I could see, and sympathise and agree with. But not both - potentially expecting people to work "strange" hours (not knowing what hours they're already working) or give up lunch ("quality of life" issues) just to meet with you...

Now, it all depends on the work environment, I guess. For myself, working in the Eastern timezone, I reserve 0830-1000 every day as "Unavailable". That's all it says in my calendar. It serves one of two purposes - if something is happening in the UK (where I have business and family interests), then this is a good time of day to deal with it. If nothing untoward or urgent is happening - I've got 90 minutes of exactly what you're talking about - uninterrupted thinking and planning time. And I'm not beyond putting "fake" meetings into my calendar to get that time at other points in the week.

Just my two cents.


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