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"Do people in lifeboats only work part-time?"

Actually, yes: in the UK, lifeboat crews are local volunteers with full time jobs. Works for us.

laurence haughton

Two thirds of all corporate turn-a-rounds fail. Why? Organizational resistance to change is one of the top three reasons.

Fear can help overcome resistance but the unintended consequences of fear are many and often debilitating.

Bottom line: Ford needs a sophisticated 21st century battle plan to overcome organizational resistance. Here's my first contribution.

james peckham

so what you're saying is, "Ford sucks and they won't ever change"

I will agree with that. Such a ragtag bunch of garbage that they've put out over the years. The f350 is the only product i've ever liked of theirs. My step dad has alwas had a diesel ford pickup and we've never had much trouble with them. Good solid trucks.

Despite that, they have reall fallen behind and made huge mistakes. The quote "Culture eats strategy for breakfast" is so true though. We have a really hard time in the banking industry with the 'ol boys club. That sort of buddy-buddy handshaking means that ROI or value means nothing... it comes down to pet projects and best friends.

In the end, make sure you're working on the right person's project and you get into the club.


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Kent Stephan Jensen

Just discovered this post (3.5 years later!). To my knowledge Ford is still having a really, really hard time.... Go figure.

Anyway, I just reblogged this post. It's quality stuff. Resurfaced.

Kind regards,

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