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I heartily agree. I moved from working in a small but busy office to telecommuting from home. Gone was the 9-5 (ish) work day and I was working all hours as I just didn't have that "off switch" any more. My only contact with people was via email or telephone, it was a nightmare! As soon as I could I moved companies and made sure I'd have a desk in an office with people in it!


As was stated, it's about discipline. You have to be able to tell coworkers "no". I have found myself much more productive working from home as I'm no longer indundated with interruptions and quite as many less than optimal meetings.

Russ Krajec

The phrase "I'm Working From Home" is equivalent to "The Check Is In The Mail".


You're right about one thing: Telecommuting isn't for everyone or every job. If Telecommuting isn't right for you or you for it, or if it doesn't fit your job, then... it's not right. Period. Can't change that.

But that doesn't make the "downsides" you list downsides for all jobs or all people.

I WANT to be isolated. Time-shifting isn't a problem. Neither is grooming - (a) I still shower and dress for work; b() I don't want to be "groomed" by a manager. Yuch!!

I am, personally, far more productive working from home. No ringing phones, hallway conversations, "bleed" from co-worker's earphones, constant interruptions. No bad lighting, poor air conditioning, crummy ergonomics.

Yes, you need discipline. When you work at home (and I do _work_ at home) it's your product that proves your productivity. I'd much rather be reviewed on my merits than on how many hours my butt was in a chair onsite.

I don't look forward to the mailman any more than I looked forward to the entire company crowding into the break room to chatter on "bagel mornings" at the office.

I have two essays on the subject:

The last thing I'll say is, if you're lucky enough that your company has ASKED you to telecommute, can I have your job? Usually it's like pulling teeth without anaesthesia to even get management to consider such a notion.

eq2 gold

pulling teeth without anaesthesia to even get management to consider such a notion.

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