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Phil Gerbyshak

Great suggestions! I've seen both of your ideas in action, and while some are slow to change, eventually it does work out and break down the barriers. Thanks for the insights!

Matt Whyndham

Compensation or pay is generally a weak tool, and to be fair you have to faff about measuring things which can get bureaucratic.

Esteem in the more general sense is more abstract, but more effective.

This would mean project managers making a point of the value of an individual's sharing during meetings, and so forth.

Matt Whyndham

Addendum: my blog Double Loop more appropriate here.

Ton Zijlstra

Hi Jeffry,
I referenced your posting, but it seems my trackback did not come through. So here's the link to my blogposting:

ffxiv gil

Addendum: my blog Double Loop more appropriate here.

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