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Robert Hruzek

I agree with all your points, but what is a user to do? If I come up with an idea, it still goes nowhere because it has to go through the IT staff to get anywhere. My problem is getting ideas to the ones who can do anything about them. I already know they can be done.


I'm not sure I buy the "not in the budget" argument. If you can show a good return that is better than competing projects believe me, you'll get funding and staffing regardless of what is in the budget. There is always money available for good projects -- if you make your case. No self-respecting CFO would fund a lower return project instead of a higher return project just because it was in the budget.

I think the underlying cause may be more that the business unit guys do not want to be bothered with explaining what they are trying to do and why.

At the same time I whole-heartedly agree that the IT guys are not blameless. IT needs to get out of their cubicles and get involved with the business -- become part of the team. IT needs to involve itself at the start of the project not just the end.

You are absolutely correct. We do need to re-think the integration and teaming between IT and the business community.

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