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Michael Schaffner

Excellent post. One of the simplest process checks of the customer experience is to call your company's main phone number from the outside and ask to speak with someone. Does the person answering the phone: answer quickly? do they continue their conversation with their co-worker before they address you? answer with a smile (yes, you can hear smiles - if you listen)? transfer the call quickly? treat your call as important? This simple test can tell you a lot about how a company really feels about their customers, their suppliers and even their employees. It can also be a real eye-opener about the "first impression" you are creating.


I have to agree with all of your points. The last time I was in K-mart my experience was similar, it seems like they have just given up and are coasting. As for the phone answering, at my current job most of the "receptionists" are also tasked with other admin and data-entry duties, so the "greeting" is something along the lines of "Itsagreatdayat*****howcanIdirectyourcall?"
all slurred together and delivered at a pace to make an auctioneer envious. Not much of a customer-focused expeience, to say the least.

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