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Interesting points, and here is another one that I think you did not consider. Work - by nature - is difficult and a toil. There is a really good reason why - the "curse of the earth" that befell Adam. This makes a really interesting study on work....In fact I just blogged about this last night...see

Greg Paskill

Some sources to consult about this come to mind:
1. _Why Work_ by Michael Maccoby, where he proposes 7 viewpoints/personas that people take upon while they work. Examples include those who want to be experts, those who want to help, those who defend a cause and those who view work as a form of self-development. I've found the gamesman character to be most conducive if your goal is to view work as a hobby, as a game to play.

2. _Finding Flow_, by Mihalyi Csziksentmihalyi, his friends call him "Mike." He's dedicated a lot of his research to finding the link between creativity and productivity. He also once wrote an article covering why if Americans have so much and are able to pursue any line of work why they are overall unhappy.

Also, it is worth studying the attitude many have towards work in general. If you happen to show that you enjoy your work a lot, colleagues may think you're unrealistic or overenthusiastic. It is ironic to find this sentiment in even employers that score tops in the Fortune 100 Most Desirable Places to Work. They put up the front that they have cool things like free lunches on campus, and the reality from those who've worked there for a while is you are constantly reminded that you were one of the few selected, so don't enjoy yourself too much. It is also known that just like many people are trying to get into such companies, a proportional number want to get out as soon as they can while having the prestiguous name on their resumes.

Lastly, there's always the Puritanical work ethic. It roughly stated "the devil makes work for idle hands." Nowadays, people say they go to work because they "Have to" not "choose to." You don't have to be one of them.

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