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James Shewmaker


I do not know how much research you have or have not done into the "supply side" health reform proposal's that are "out there." It may be that you have done extensive research and know exactly what you are talking about.

However, what I have noticed in listening to many voices is a tendency to dismiss the "supply side" proposals without giving them a completely unbiased and objective hearing.

Personally, I think that it should be possible to create a hybrid reform, but the congressional leadership is "bound and determined" to have it all their way.

By hybrid, I am not talking of a solution that starts out with a Democratic only proposal and then makes concessions, but rather selecting two proposals one from the supply siders and one from the "legislatives" and working to create a merger of the two into a single plan that would not destroy the medical market.

In spite of all the usage of words like "option" and "voluntary" - the cold hard fact is that within a quarter of a century or so, the medical community would cease to be a market based solution if the current Democratic proposals are made law.

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