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Jose Almeida

First of all, let me congratulate you for your blog. It's one of those I keep coming back to.
Regarding your post, I think you make an interesting point and I can relate to most of your experience.
I do believe, however, that active listening, coupled with other techniques like precision questioning, is an important tool in identifying the real needs of the customer. Like any other tool, it's effectiveness greatly depends on the proficiency of the person using it.
I do think these tools are important, because in my experience it's not that easy to get to the real needs of the customer.
More to the point, one thing I've learned from consulting is that customers often tend to try to explain or frame their needs as potential solutions to their real issues. Younger consultants tend to take what is conveyed to them at face value, and what is said by the client quickly turns into a "requirement". You really need some consulting skills and effective tools like these to help you get to the real issues if you want to provide real value.

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