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I have a giant 5x3 pop art piece by Ed King.

The one I have is not on his site any longer:!/photo.php?pid=3085838&id=188678846333

The online image does not do it justice. For me this is the work/life balance. I have a great cat at home, the light from the guy encourages me to create creatively, and the briefcase signifies the serious side (aka profits) of the business.

medieval clothes

nice post.. thanks man.. :)


nursing clothing

The judges especially loved the gown flowing from the front cover to the back.

Navel Rings

I'm really quite fascinated by this. I would love to go back in time and explore old, seedy Times Square (not in a lascivious way!) - seems to have had so much more personality than it does now.


The judges especially loved the gown flowing from the front cover to the back.

Free Quick Claim Deed Form

hmmm..... just want to ask.. can you send to us the link? thanks in advance

Free Quick Claim Deed Form

Interesting post! The eNTYRE is made of environmentally friendly materials. Long a leader in "green" tires, Nokian in 2005 was the first tire manufacturer to completely eliminate high-aromatic, or HA, oils from its production processes.


Scripture verses, goals, and family pictures to remind me of why we do what we do!

Been putting together dream boards since 2003... :-)

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